Fan-Favorite ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Reveals Cozy Connection to Franchise ‘Villain’

Maria Georgas Nick Viall

Heavy Maria Georgas had ties to Nick Viall before "The Bachelor."

A recent contestant from “The Bachelor” just did her first podcast and dropped a lot of tea. Maria Georgas was eliminated after the hometown dates on Joey Graziadei’s season, and many fans hoped she would be the next lead for “The Bachelorette.” Jenn Tran was chosen instead, and until now, Georgas had laid low after the “Bachelor” finale.

During her May 1 appearance on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, Georges dished out details on a connection she previously had to a different “Bachelor” lead: Nick Viall.

“I just want people to know that it’s nothing serious, but also we respected each other along the way,” Georgas explained during the podcast.

Here’s what you need to know:

Maria Georgas Had a ‘Good Thing Going’ With Nick Viall

Georgas admitted during the “Call Her Daddy” podcast she had wanted to be on “The Bachelor” for a long time. She mentioned she had friends who had been on the show previously.

Cooper asked, “Are you insinuating you’ve romantically dabbled with people on the show?”

Georgas initially responded by sharing, “I wouldn’t say romantic, but obviously there was like, I don’t know what you wanna call it, whatever you wanna call it. It was just like a good thing going.”

Cooper asked, “Should I be asking you who you’re talking about?” “The Bachelor” star said, “No, you shouldn’t,” but Cooper did anyway.

“I think it’s been fairly obvious. And honestly, I’m so over the rumors and stuff like that. So Nick, obvious, oh, f*ck, but is this bad? Cause he’s like totally married,” Georgas replied.

Viall married Natalie Joy in Georgia on April 27. As for the “rumors” Georgas mentioned, that referred to discussions in fan forums early in the season.

A thread in “The Bachelor” subreddit from February 28 shared some intel on the connection between Georgas and Viall. The post included a couple of screenshots from Georgas’ Instagram page in the past where Viall had “liked” her posts.

The two screenshots in the Reddit post were from 2016 and Viall has since unliked them. The Redditor also noted there were additional Instagram posts of Georgas that Viall had liked, and he unliked her posts sometime after January 22 when the initial screenshots were taken.

Georgas explained, “Nothing has ever happened between Nick and I, but it’s always been a friendship.” She added, “He helped me through breakups. He was a good friend to me at points and it was great.”

Bachelor Nation Buzzed Over Georgas’ Revelations

Viall came up again later in the podcast. Georgas shared a story about how an ex-boyfriend of hers cheated on her, and she found out about it.

While she didn’t name the ex-boyfriend, she said “he hated Nick and Nick hated him.” Drama brewed when Georgas went on a trip to Las Vegas and then to Los Angeles to attend a wedding.

The boyfriend “was already questioning me being on that trip, being like, ‘You’re going there to see [Viall],’ blah, blah, blah,” Georgas recalled.

Soon after Georgas returned to the place she shared with her ex-boyfriend, she discovered he was cheating on her.

“The Bachelor” fans had lots to say about Georgas’ stories regarding her prior connection to Viall.

“This is serious tea don’t care what anyone says lol,” one Redditor declared.

“It’s not a big deal in my opinion especially if it was before Natalie,” another Redditor suggested.

Someone else wondered, “Huh I’m surprised Nick didn’t just say we used to be friends back in the day. He must have known Maria would eventually say something. I genuinely wonder why he didn’t just talk about it on his pod upfront?”

A different Redditor noted, “It makes it more weird that he discussed her on his pod many times and never mentioned this!”

“Yeah I feel like they [probably] did hook up,” speculated another fan.

“They hooked up and were friends with benefits for sure because it would have been SOOOOO easy to just say ‘friends, its a friendship,'” added a “Bachelor” fan on another thread.

“No way I would [have] given that info about nick when he just got married and is on his honeymoon with his 2 month postpartum wife. ouch,” read another Redditor’s response.