‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers 2021 for Episode 4

Michelle Young and Matt James

ABC Michelle Young is one of five women added to the mix in episode four of The Bachelor.

The spiraling downfall of Sarah Trott’s time on The Bachelor ate most of the back half of episode three. Now that her time on the show is done, there’s still an overdue rose ceremony left to happen.

But Matt James will leave the rose ceremony with more women than he started with at the beginning of the evening.

Previews have shown that this will be the episode when five new women are added to the mix, shaking up the status quo and stirring up a whole new batch of drama. How will that unfold? Here’s what we know about episode four so far:


Katie Thurston & Victoria Larson Clash Early in the Episode

First it was Marylynn Sienna who feuded with “Queen” Victoria Larson, and then it was Sarah Trott. Even Ashley Iaconetti was caught up in a bit of behind-the-scenes drama with the season 25 villain.

But Katie Thurston isn’t willing to be the next woman steamrolled by Larson. In a clip from episode four that has circulated online, Thurston is shown shutting down Larson in a private discussion.

The conflict appears to have started when Larson tried to denigrate Trott and told the group of women that “the trash took itself out.” Thurston shut down Larson in the group conversation for her comment and Larson demanded an apology for it, but Thurston wasn’t ready to give one.

“You’re not going to get an apology,” Thurston says. “If that’s how you want to express yourself and you want to be toxic and rude, go for it.”

Thurston earned a lot of good favor with viewers in episode three when she spoke with Trott privately following a group conversation that earned several women accusations of bullying behavior. Thurston’s clash with Larson will likely serve to launch her popularity with fans even higher.

5 Extra Women Will Arrive Just Before a Rose Ceremony

Ben Higgins, the lead of season 20 of The Bachelor, is set to make his return to have a chat with James and host a group date. In a preview clip that has made the rounds on the Internet, Higgins and James are shown discussing the whirlwind rose ceremony from the night prior and how he’ll juggle the new women with the “old regime.”

So we know that the rose ceremony of the evening will happen before the end of the episode.

Previews of the remainder of the season and upcoming dates offer even more clues about who makes it through the night.

The five women who arrive are: Catalina Morales, Kim Li, Michelle Young, Brittany Galvin, and Ryan Clator. Based on previews, it doesn’t look as though Li makes it through her first night on the show. Other women who appear set to go home in the episode based on absences in previews are Khaylah Epps and Kaili Anderson. (Sorry Queen Victoria haters, it looks like she makes it through again).

In his conversation with Higgins, James says that he exited the rose ceremony with more women than he started the night with, so it’s possible a fourth woman is sent home with Li, Epps, and Anderson, but the departures may also stop at three. It’s safe to assume the number won’t reach five, though.

Michelle Young Likely Get a 1-on-1 Date

The press release and press photos for the upcoming episode are especially vague. While they typically reveal who is set to go on a one-on-one date, there’s no mention of one this week.

The likeliest explanation is that it’s because James invites one of the new arrivals on a one-on-one and ABC doesn’t want to let the cat out of the bag. Spoilers have indicated that Young will be a major player in the remainder of the season and a one-on-one date could explain why James chose to highlight Young, in particular, on his Instagram leading up to her arrival.

The preview for episode five showed what looked like a one-on-one date for Young, although those clips aren’t always evidence that it’s coming in the immediately upcoming episode. Still, it’s probably a safe bet that Young will steal James’ attention early in her run on the show.

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