Chance The Rapper Explains His Vision for Sorelle in ‘The Voice’ Semifinals

Chance The Rapper and Sorelle.


Chance the Rapper is looking to do something that only one other coach has done over 23 seasons of “The Voice”: coach a group to victory. The first-year coach made his two selections for the semifinals: Ray Uriel and the sister trio Sorelle.

Sorelle is the only group to enter the competition this season and the sisters — Madi, Ana and Bella, ages 15, 20 and 21 — now have a 1-in-8 chance at winning the whole thing. That would make them just the second group to do so on this show; the first and only other group to win “The Voice” was Girl Named Tom in 2021 with coach Kelly Clarkson.

Chance Says Sorelle ‘Needed to Be in the Top 8’

In the final moments of Monday’s episode on May 1, Chance announced the two performers that would be advancing to the semifinals out of the five remaining. The first to be revealed was Sorelle.

The sister trio — with a TikTok following that exceeds 3.2 million — earned their way through with Etta James’ “Something’s Got a Hold on Me.”

Chance said he has a clear vision of what he can do with them moving forward. In addition to being a rapper, the Chicago native is also a producer. His track record includes having the first streaming-only album to win a Grammy Award when “Coloring Book” took home the prize in 2016.

“There is no other Sorelle on this show,” Chance said. “They needed to be in the Top 8 where I can do arrangements and vocal splits and work with them almost like a choir. We have a great connection and they have a great connection.”

During the episode, Chance said he appreciates being able to work with the trio in a way that he can’t with anyone else in the competition. “They have the ability to make the most beautiful harmonics that you’ve ever heard,” he said. He gave them the tagline of “Mini Choir” during the episode.

Blake Shelton Jokes That Chance Is ‘Cheating’

Blake Shelton and Chance The Rapper.

Heavy/NBCBlake Shelton joked with Chance The Rapper that having Sorelle is “cheating.”

After Sorelle’s performance, Blake Shelton, who also selected his final two singers, was left flabbergasted at what he had just seen.

“I mean, come on, this is cheating,” Shelton said while looking over at Chance. “It’s too perfect. I loved the individual moments that you guys had. It was like ‘Oh you think we all three can’t do this separately?’, I mean, you’re putting these three through, right?”

Chance laughed off the cheating accusation, which was all in good play, but during rehearsals, he did mention the advantage that the trio has on the competition.

“Sorelle’s advantage is that they know themselves so well and that they really gel,” Chance said during their rehearsals. “If they can keep that identity as a trio and keep it uniform, I think they can end up being in the Top 2.”

Sorelle followed through on Chance’s prediction and did earn one of the final two spots on Team Chance. “The Voice” will continue its playoffs on May 8 when Team Kelly and Team Niall narrow down their groups to two singers, setting up the live semifinals that will begin on May 15.

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