WATCH: Blake Shelton Stole This Team Kelly Contestant During Knockouts

Blake Shelton adds this contestant to his team.

NBC Blake Shelton adds this contestant to his team.

Celebrity coaches on NBC’s “The Voice” narrowed down their teams further Monday during the final Knockouts Round, which aired on April 26.

The second half of contestants performed for a chance to earn a spot in the upcoming live shows. The first Knockouts round aired Monday, April 19.

With one steal remaining, coach Blake Shelton decided to use it on a contestant from Kelly Clarkson’s team.

So, who did Shelton add to his team?

Who Shelton Stole During Knockouts

Shelton had one more steal left before the live shows begin. He used it on Team Kelly’s Anna Grace, 20, following her Knockouts performance of the pop-country song “If I Die Young” by The Band Perry.

Grace was up against fellow team member Gihanna Zoë, 17, who performed Pink’s “Glitter In The Air.” Ultimately, Clarkson chose Zoë as the winner of the round, eliminating Grace from the competition.

Just after Grace thanked the coaches and walked off the stage, Shelton pushed his button to steal the young singer, and add her to his team. “These are world-class vocalists,” Shelton told Grace, referring to the contestants who made it through the Knockouts, adding, “and I happen to think you’re one of them.”

Clarkson, who was clearly torn over her decision to choose Zoë over Grace, told Shelton, “If I could hug you, I would hug you!”

Before Grace’s stage performance, the singer met with Clarkson and this season’s Mega Mentor, Snoop Dogg, to discuss her song selection on-camera. Grace explained her decision to choose “If I Die Young” was in honor of the time she got severely sick at 17 years old, and almost lost her life.

After listening to her story, Snoop Dogg almost cried, but it wouldn’t be the first time this season.

How To Vote For ‘The Voice’ Four-Way Knockout

While the coaches have already determined the winners of both Knockouts rounds, as reported by Heavy, there’s still room for one more contestant.

Starting Monday, April 26, fans can vote for their favorite Four-Way Knockouts contestant on “The Voice” official app or To vote, create a profile using your email, Facebook account, Google account, or Apple ID. Fans can vote for their favorite contestants 10 times per account.

When will the winner be announced? On Monday, May 10, at the start of the first live show of the 20th season.

Voting is open until 6 a.m. Eastern on Tuesday, April 27, 2021.

Which Contestants Performed in the Four-Way Knockout

Following the Battle Rounds portion of the show, prior to Knockouts, four contestants were saved from elimination by each celebrity coach.

On Monday, April 26, all four contestants performed in a separate competition, the Four-Way Knockout, in hopes of getting to the live shows. Following the performances, America will vote, and the contestant with the most votes will move on to the next round.

Which of the four contestants will earn America’s vote?

Devan Blake Jones (Team Jonas)


Savanna Woods (Team Clarkson)


Emma Caroline (Team Blake)

Carolina Rial (Team Legend)

“The Voice” airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on NBC.

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