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17 Best Scarves for Men This Winter

Scarves are a great way to keep warm in the colder months, but can also be an accessory that adds a bit more depth to your outfit. They come in all sorts of styles, textures, and designs. Check out the most fashionable and stylish scarves for men to keep you warm this winter while rocking a fashionably cool look.

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Materials to Consider

Cashmere, lambswool, fleece. These are going to be the most comfortable and easiest on your skin. A scarf is mainly about warmth and style though, so feel free to get whatever piques your interest the most. Don't limit yourself by being afraid of some materials. Even the most traditional of wools are going to be easy on your skin.

Pro Tips

If you live in a part of the country or world that gets some seriously brutal winters, get yourself a couple of thicker scarves and wear them with your thickest jackets. If you like wearing a scarf as an accessory there are a ton of options out there that are lightweight and won't overheat you in the warmer months. You can wear the scarf tied or wrapped or just lay it over your shoulders. Whichever looks best for you and your style when you look in the mirror.

The Best Cashmere Scarves:

There are quite a few cashmere scarves on this list and that is because different men look for different things when they add an accessory like a scarf. The top of the list for fabrics when getting a new scarf has to be cashmere, not just because it is soft and luxurious but also because cashmere is a great fabric to pair with another fabric like wool or silk. If you are in the market for something super high fashion in the world of cashmere scarves then I suggest the Coach cashmere scarf that is beautiful and reversible so it is like getting two scarves for the price of one! The colors on this scarf are tremendous and are sure to enhance your outfit. The next cashmere scarf that is a great investment would have to be the Blue Pacific cashmere. The block coloring and different shades of blue are the perfect design and colors for someone that wants to brighten up their outfit while keeping warm in the colder months.  Now if you are looking for something more traditional, maybe a checkered or plaid pattern like the classic scarf, but you want something a little higher quality like a cashmere item, then the State Cashmere scarf is a perfect choice. The blues are solid and look great together with the plaid pattern. Cashmere scarves are a great way of dressing in luxury fashion without breaking the bank on something more expensive like a full suit or renting a tux.