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It looks like a new game mode in Fortnite called Impact has been datamined and it sounds like it will center around the comet that players have been seeing in the sky.

The Twitter page TwoEpicBuddies, who have also datamined the Raven skin along with the Tomato Town Guy skin, have uncovered a new game mode in the files called Impact.

A Google Translate of the tweet says the text says the following:

A new mode is in the game files! Impact! Only solo and probably has something to do with the comet! :D

The new game mode sounds like it’ll be a Solo game mode only, at least to start and it really sounds like it will involve the comet in the sky in some way. Other game modes in the past have been introduced as Solo only but have been patched to include more players.

A popular theory is the comet is coming to destroy Tilted Towers but Epic Games has not commented on the comet yet.

In anticipation for the start of the next season, Fortnite has tweeted this out, which explicitly mentions impact. Whether that’s talking about the comets making impact or the game mode remains to be seen.

Most of the Limited-Time Modes (LTMs) in Fortnite feature heavy changes to the core gameplay such as having only Gold weapons or having only snipers so we probably have something similar to look forward to with this new game mode.

No timetable has been release for Impact so all we can do at this point is play the waiting game. If it’s in the game’s files we can probably expect the game mode to appear sooner rather than later. Most of the items that have been datamined so far were close to release so we might be looking at something similar here.

As the comet gets closer that probably means the game mode is coming with it. The end of Season 3 is approaching quickly so we might end up seeing this game mode close out the season. The comet crashing into the map would be a fitting end to a season focused around space, even if the final reward is a John Wick skin.

With the leak of the Tomato Town Guy skin came a lot of dinosaur-themed skins which might end up being an indication of what’s to come in Season 4. Since it’s believed a comet wiped out the dinosaurs it’s possible Fortnite could make a comet revive the dinosaurs. Weirder things have happened.

Fortnite Comet

Players on Reddit have taken advantage of the new replay system and might have actually found evidence the comet is actually headed towards Tilted Towers. Using the replay system, one player found a way to look under the map and has found an egg-shaped comet of sorts.

The latest update introduced the 50 versus 50 mode back into Fortnite for a limited time. This mode, like the title suggests, splits the game in half and puts players on teams of 50 as they work to eliminate the other side. This mode won’t be around forever so check it out soon before it disappears again.

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