Fortnite Raven Skin Leaked Ahead of Easter Event

fortnite raven skin

Epic Games

Epic Games has been doing a good job with events when it comes to Fortnite: Battle Royale and it looks like we have an Easter event in the pipeline with a new Raven skin that seems to have everyone excited.

With yesterday’s update that brought the Guided Missile into the game, we also saw the launch of a new Rabbit Raider Jonesey and Miss Bunny Penny into the game’s Save the World mode. For those unaware, Save the World is Fortnite’s PvE mode and it currently costs money to play unlike the free Battle Royale mode. On the bright side, you can play Save the World and build up your collection of V-Bucks.

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Easter is just a couple days away which means Epic Games is cutting it close if they are going to have an event up in time. If the event is like how they were in the past, they will end up running long past the the actual holiday and might even launch after the holiday, as was the case of the Valentine’s Day event.

We have a good indication the event is coming since we have seen several leaked skins popping up on the internet, including the Raven skin.

The two bunny rabbit skins are very Easter-themed but one that has caught the eyes of players is the Raven skin in the bottom-right corner of the above tweet. This skin decks the player out in all black and gives him glowing purple eyes which will surely make this one of the more terrifying skins to be released into the game.

Since no information has been shared as of yet we can only speculate when it will make its way into the game. Another thing to worry about is if it will be a Save the World exclusive skin or if it will be available in the Battle Royale mode.

The Midnight Ops skin, the one in the top-left corner of the picture, is live in the game right now so we might be looking at the rest of the skins going live in the very near future.

If the Raven skin is Legendary, like the leaks have been suggesting, then we’re probably looking at the price of 2,000 V-Bucks for the skin. How much are you willing to pay for the new skin?

There’s also a chance you might have the Royale Flags back bling already, which is the third image in the top row. This back bling will already be in your inventory if you have purchased the Wukong skin when it was available.

As for right now our best advice would be to wait another day or two and see when the Easter event launches. The Raven skin and the rest of the ones in the image should all be coming once the event launches.

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