How to Get the Planetary Probe Glider in Fortnite

Fortnite Planetary Probe

A new sit of skins and gliders are out now in Fortnite and many players are focused on the Planetary Probe, and for good reason.

The Planetary Probe glider is the featured item in the shop right now so you have about a day to pick it up if you’re planning on getting it. It features a Purple rarity so it’ll cost you 1200 V-Bucks if you’re planning on picking this one up. The Leviathan skin is Legendary rarity so that one will set players back 2,000 V-Bucks.

As of right now there are a variety of ways to obtain the V-Bucks for this glider. The easiest way will be just to buy the V-Bucks outright but you can also earn them through the Save the World mode or by leveling up your Battle Pass. If you’ve already finished your Battle Pass and only have the Battle Royale mode your only option is to buy them.

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Once you get the V-Bucks for the glider, go ahead and purchase it and pop it on in the locker and you’re good to go. Once the glider leaves the shop it’ll probably head back to the vault for little bit until it comes back around. If you’re a fan of the glider you should probably pick it up now before it’s gone for an extended period of time.

Since we have seen the Planetary Probe and Leviathan skin enter the game, we can pretty much confirm the Tomato Town Guy skin is on its way. That Tomato Town skin, along with the Leviathan and Planetary Probe, were datamined several days ago and now we have solid confirmation for the first time of their existences.

Since this glider is in the game we can probably expect the dinosaur-themed skins, back blings and harvesting tools to be in the pipeline as well. Another datamine suggested the possibility of a new game mode coming soon.

The new game mode, dubbed Impact, sounds like it’ll be a Solo game mode only and really sounds like it will involve the comet in the sky in some way. Other game modes in the past have been introduced as Solo only but have been patched to include more players so that’s not something players should have to worry about right now.

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The latest update introduced the 50 versus 50 mode back into Fortnite for a limited time. This mode, like the title suggests, splits the game in half and puts players on teams of 50 as they work to eliminate the other side. This mode won’t be around forever so check it out soon before it disappears again.

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