Fortnite to Add Shopping Carts in New Update

Fortnite Shopping Carts

Epic Games

Another update is on the way for Fortnite and this time it’s introducing shopping carts into the game.

The “News” section on the game’s homepage shows shopping carts with the news that it’s coming soon. While we don’t know yet how the shopping carts will operate we are given a small taste from the short description:

“Roll into battle alone or with a buddy!”

It sounds like the shopping cart with have a maximum of two players with one pushing it while one is in the cart itself. The ability to roll alone makes it sound like the cart operates on its own so we don’t really know anything for sure.

If the shopping cart ends up being a vehicle of some sort it will be the first time something of the sort has been added into Fortnite. Epic Games has been been pretty resistant to adding vehicles into the game by instead constantly reworking the map to keep things fresh. We’ll find out exactly how the cart will work once the update hits.

The shopping cart will likely enter the game through a content update so we probably won’t get anything in the way of bug fixes or things of the like. Epic Games has said there will be weekly content updates, such as the one that recently added the FAMAS.

We’ve speculated in how new items would operate in Fortnite in the past and have oftentimes come up horribly wrong with how the items would work so we’re going to leave most of the speculation to you. Let us know what you think about the shopping carts in the comments below.

While we wait for the addition of the shopping carts, there are also a number of things coming to Fortnite or are already in the game. This past Friday saw the addition of the limited-time event called Close Encounters that features only shotguns and jetpacks. The game mode is a good way to become acquainted with new jetpack since it can be a little difficult to use at times.

Fortnite has also been venturing out into the mobile market looking to capitalize on that vast market. The game is already available on iOS devices but an Android launch is still on the horizon. Epic Games has given a launch window this summer so we’re looking at an Android version sooner rather than later.

If you’re interesting in checking out more Fortnite tournaments you might want to the check out the Fortnite Pro-Am at E3. The tournament matches streamers and creators with celebrities as they work together looking to obtain that elusive Victory Royale. You can read more about the teams competing in the event right here.

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