Animal Crossing Switch Makes Twitter Go Wild

animal crossing switch

Nintendo of America via Twitter

A brand new Animal Crossing game for the Nintendo Switch was finally announced at the Nintendo Direct September 2018 livestream after years of anticipation. As you can probably guess, people are going nuts.

At the time of writing, there are over 58,000 tweets for Animal Crossing as well as 25,000 tweets about Isabelle and 7,803 tweets about Tom Nook.

People were quick to flock to Twitter to exclaim their excitement for a brand new Animal Crossing game. After all, this will be the first new, mainline Animal Crossing game since 2012’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

The Nintendo Direct also announced that Isabelle, the fan-favorite secretary from Animal Crossing: New Leaf, will be a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Nintendo chose to announce Isabelle’s inclusion in the game as a sort of fake out for the new Animal Crossing game. This lead many viewers to believe that they were tricked into thinking that a new Animal Crossing game was coming before Nintendo pulled the rug from under them.

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After the reveal of Isabelle in Super Smash Bros., Tom Nook, a character from the Animal Crossing games, appeared to properly announce the new Animal Crossing game. People were quick to sing the praises of the raccoon for finally announcing the game. However Tom Nook has a reputation of being a crook since in the games he’s the one that sells you your house and also makes you work for him to help pay it off, and people were quick to point that out on Twitter.

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