How to Greet Citizens in Spider-Man PS4

How to Greet Citizens in Spider-Man PS4

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It’s hard being the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man so sometimes you just want to take a break from it all and greet your citizens. They don’t call Spider-Man friendly for nothing after all.

In Marvel’s Spider-Man players have the option of actually interacting with the citizens in the streets by saluting them. There’s actually a trophy up for grabs here called “Spider-Man About Town” which requires players to greet 10 different citizens.

The in-game controls don’t explicitly state how to greet citizens but you can do it by pressing square. All you have to do is walk up to citizens on the street and hit square to 10 different bystanders and you’ll take home this achievement in no time.

Spider-Man will quip at random people on the street every time you hit square so you can hear some witty things come out the wise-cracking web-slinger. It’s nice to see how much work was put into this game by Insomniac by looking at some of the lesser looked at things such as the people on the street.

People in the cars obey traffic laws and actually cause backups whenever there is an accident that requires Spider-Man’s help. The citizens will also duck in cover whenever you decide to toss around a trash can or a manhole cover.

One thing players do need to be careful of are undercover thugs on the streets that attack Spider-Man on sight. This can be a little unnerving to see as all you’re doing is talking to townsfolk but one of them pulls a gun on you but it is what it is.

Spider-Man is out now exclusively on PS4.

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