How to Upgrade & Change Your Suit in Spider-Man PS4

Spider-Man PS4 Change & Upgrade Suit

The latest adventure in your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man’s saga takes us to the PS4 with Marvel’s Spider-Man.

This Insomniac Games developed Spider-Man adventure puts players in the shoes (suit?) of everyone’s favorite web crawler and gives us an adventure unlike any other.

One thing about Spider-Man over the years is that his suit has changed numerous times so there are many to choose from. Fortunately, the game gives players the option to change their suit to something that meets their liking.

There are several suits to choose from, even one from the latest Avengers movie, but players will have to do a few things first before they can change their suit.

In order to change your suit, Spider-Man has to first align the three OsCorp towers in Chinatown which is done by progressing through the main storyline. Once that is done and Spider-Man does a few side missions, he decides to head back to Dr. Octavius’ lab to get some work done on his torn suit.

Dr. Octavius discovers Peter Parker working on the suit but instead of deducing Peter is Spider-Man he instead thinks Peter just makes the suits. He offers his services to help upgrade suits and from there you are free to change and upgrade suits to your liking.

To upgrade the suits you have to spend tokens which are earned by completing side missions and citywide activities. New suits come with new suit powers so each one will play a little differently. Suits can also be upgraded with suit mods which will again be earned by completing side missions.

After you visit the lab you will be able to freely change your suit by selecting the PS4 controller’s touchpad and going over to the “Suits” tab. This will show you a variety of suits you have unlocked as well as showing you suits you haven’t unlocked.

The suits that aren’t unlocked tell you what level you have to get to unlock them so this means you will have to complete a lot of side missions and progress through the story to get them.

Spider-Man is out now exclusively on PS4.

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