Will Dead by Daylight Get Halloween Skins?

Dead by Daylight Halloween Cosmetics

It’s no surprise to horror fans that a brand new Halloween movie is releasing later this month.

Michael Myers has been one of the best-known horror icons since his debut film Halloween back in 1978.

Dead by Daylight managed to secure the rights to the iconic slasher but had to fight really hard for them.

The result of this leaves a Laurie that doesn’t closely resemble a young Jamie Lee Curtis but they do have the rights to the character herself. It hasn’t been explicitly stated this was the reasoning behind it but it sort of gets hinted at in the initial Halloween DLC announcement.

  • The iconic killer named Michael Myers, modeled after the original character in the movie “John Carpenter’s Halloween”
  • A new survivor named Laurie Strode, aptly named after the famous original protagonist of Myers
  • A new map titled Haddonfield, a picturesque replica of the fictional town in Illinois, USA.

A new event called The Hallowed Blight was teased by Dead by Daylight last week which was shown to start on October 19. What stands out about this October 19 release date is that is also the same date the new Halloween movie comes out.

None of the licensed killers in Dead by Daylight, Michael Myers, Amanda Young, Freddy Kreuger and Leatherface, have cosmetics outside of their prestiged outfits. All of the killers’ original outfits become covered with blood depending on your prestige level. One key difference is Michael Myers as his mask just has a bloody smear instead of being full-blown covered in blood.

This might just boil down to a rights issue more than anything but his mask does stand out as an outlier when compared to the rest of the killers in the game.

With the release of this new movie, it’s possible we could be seeing more cosmetics enter the game such as an aged Michael Myers along with an aged Laurie Strode. We’ve seen a stream not too long ago with Jamie Lee Curtis playing Dead by Daylight which shows the door is certainly open to something like this happening.

Outside of Halloween movie-specific skins, we’ll almost certainly be seeing new cosmetics for the rest of the killers and survivors with a Halloween theme. Dead by Daylight has been ramping up the cosmetics production and with Halloween being the biggest holiday for this game it just doesn’t make sense for there to not be some sort of cosmetics available.

Dead by Daylight is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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