Fortnite Adds NFL Skins With Item Shop Update Today

Fortnite Item Shop NFL Skins

Epic Games

Today’s an interesting item shop update in Fortnite as it is the debut of the NFL skins. These skins are coming as part of a partnership with the NFL and Fortnite and will be the first partnership of this kind.

All 32 NFL teams are represented which means it doesn’t matter if your team is good or bad. A trailer was revealed a few days ago showing all of the teams in action but tonight will finally be your chance to get your hands on one.

The item shop updates tonight at 7 p.m. ET so we’ll see all of those skins come in at that time. The old time used to be 8 p.m. ET but it seems like the time change from daylight savings time has changed that.

We’ve seen these skins in action already through a few select Twitch streamers but these streamers were given early access. Since this is a partnership that has been hyped up we can probably expect to see these skins stick around in the shop over the weekend instead of just the typical day.

Datamines have suggested referee skins are on the way along with a football-themed glider. Whether this will be released with the NFL skins remains to be seen but all of our questions will surely be answered later today.

This isn’t the first sports cross-over Epic Games has done as Fortnite has had both Winter Olympics and World Cup 2018 skins in the game. Epic Games has shown a willingness in the past to work with big brands, even bringing Thanos into the game for an LTM.

If this cross-over goes well and makes some money it doesn’t seem too out of the realm of possibilities to expect cross-overs with other sports as well such as the NBA or MLB.

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