Fortnite Operation: Snowdown Challenges Leak

fortnite operation snowmando challenges

Epic Games

Epic Games has officially decided it’s the season for free cosmetics in Fortnite and appears to be on the cusp of introducing the new Operation: Snowdown event.

There are a variety of new quests that were introduced as part of the v15.10 update, but we’re still waiting on a few others.

The Spy Within challenges are currently available for those hoping to play a Fortnite version of Among Us, but we also have the Snowmando and Wakanda Forever challenges to look forward to.

It’s expected that the Snowmando challenges will also give away some free cosmetics to players, so this will be something that all Fortnite players will want to complete.

Here’s a look at the upcoming Operation: Snowdown challenges.

Leaked Operation: Snowdown Challenges

Reliable Fortnite leaker FireMonkey unveiled the full list of Operation: Snowdown challenges and it looks like there will be a lot of XP up for grabs.

If you actually pay attention to the objectives, it appears to confirm planes will be returning. There was once a time that planes were one of the most hated things in all of Fortnite, so let’s hope Epic will be able to avoid that backlash this time around.

  • Complete Epic Quests (0/73)
  • Visit different Snowmando outposts (0/1)
  • Deal damage with Lever Action Rifle (0/100)
  • Complete Operation Snowdown Quests (0/9)
  • Complete Operation Snowdown Quests (0/12)
  • Dance at different Holiday trees (0/5)
  • Search chests at Snowmando outposts (0/5)
  • Place Top 10 with friends in squads (0/3)
  • Destroy Nutcracker statues (0/5)
  • Travel 5,000 meters in X-4 Stormwings (0/5000)
  • Shoot down opponent structures with X-4 Stormwings (0/10)
  • Collect Gold Bars (0/100)
  • Catch a Snowy Flopper (0/1)
  • Revive a player in different matches (0/3)
  • Hide inside a Sneaky Snowmando in different matches (0/3)
  • Play duo/squads with friends (0/5)
  • Stoke a campfire (0/2)
  • Deal damage at Snowmando outposts (0/250)
  • Use Chiller Launcher to apply icy feet to opponents (0/10)

All in all, a lot of this can be accomplished just by playing the game, but you will have to go out of your way to get some things done, such as destroying statues or using the Chiller Launcher.

When Does This Begin?

As it stands right now, we don’t have an official start date for the Operation: Snowdown event, which is presumably this year’s Winterfest.

It’s looking like there won’t be any more updates to close out 2020, so this event could actually be on a timer and can arrive without even needing a patch.

There’s a lot of content to dive into here, so we hope it gets here sooner rather than later. Let’s just hope the planes aren’t too annoying.

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