How to Get Easy XP in Fortnite Creative Mode

fortnite easy xp creative mode

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As Fortnite Season 4 comes to a close in just over a week, there are still many players out there who still haven’t finished doing all of the leveling they’d like to.

Whether it’s finishing the Battle Pass or collecting all of the Marvel foil skin styles, there’s also a reason to get more experience in Fortnite, and it turns out that there’s an extremely easy way to do this, and you don’t even have to be actively playing.

While this might seem like a lame way to level up, we can’t fault people for doing what they have to do at this point in the season. Here’s how it works.

Free Creative Mode XP

I made a guide to the Creative AFK method so people stop needing to ask. Enjoy the grind, feel free to share. from FortNiteBR

As pointed out by this Reddit user, just by sitting in the hub of the Creative mode, you’ll earn 6,300 XP every 15 minutes. You can repeat the process five times before you’ll have to backout and do it all over again.

Essentially, you can go AFK for a little over an hour at a time at get over 30,000 XP by doing that. It’s a pretty powerful way to get XP, and if you’re in a bind, consider doing this to grind out the last of the XP.

There doesn’t really appear to be any downside to doing this as players have been doing just this for a long time now. At this point in the season with challenges pretty much done, this is not a method you should sleep on.

When Does the Season End?

Currently, Fortnite Season 4 is set to wrap up on December 1, which will be the same day Galactus comes to the island.

At this time, it’s anybody’s guess as to what will actually happen because there are currently rumors that another black hole could happen.

All of these foil skins will disappear into the void at this point if they aren’t unlocked, which is why it’ll be important to make sure you get everything you want done in the season before it ends.

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