How to Unlock Foil Skin Variants in Fortnite Season 4

fortnite foil variant marvel skins

Epic Games

One of the cool things that Epic Games has been doing with the Fortnite seasons is allowing players to continue leveling up beyond 100 and unlocking even more skin variants.

With Season 4 having a Marvel theme, there’s a lot of excitement surrounding the various skins that are available such as Thor, Wolverine, Storm, and several others.

Even if you finish off your Battle Pass and unlock everyone, the journey doesn’t end there. If you’re trying to go above and beyond, you’ll have to keep on cruising and essentially complete two Battle Passes.

Here’s the skinny on everything you’ll need to accomplish if you want to unlock everything the season has to offer.

How to Get Foil Skins

fortnite season 4 foil variant skins

Epic GamesThere are lots of foils up for grabs.

The very first thing you’ll have to do before you can even think about unlocking the foil styles is completing your Battle Pass.

You can do this by either progressing through it naturally, or you can take the easy way out by just buying your way through the whole. This won’t work past level 100 though, so you’ll have to do challenges and level up the traditional way for that.

Here’s what you’ll have to reach to unlock all of the skins:

  • Level 105: Silver Thor
  • Level 110: Silver Jennifer Walters
  • Level 115: Silver Groot
  • Level 120: Silver Storm
  • Level 125: Silver Doctor Doom
  • Level 130: Silver Mystique
  • Level 135: Silver Iron Man
  • Level 140: Silver Wolverine
  • Level 145: Gold Thor
  • Level 150: Gold Jennifer Walters
  • Level 155: Gold Groot
  • Level 160: Gold Storm
  • Level 165: Gold Doctor Doom
  • Level 170: Gold Mystique
  • Level 175: Gold Iron Man
  • Level 180: Gold Wolverine
  • Level 185: Holo Thor
  • Level 190: Holo Jennifer Walters
  • Level 195: Holo Groot
  • Level 200: Holo Storm
  • Level 205: Holo Doctor Doom
  • Level 210: Holo Mystique
  • Level 215: Holo Iron Man
  • Level 220: Holo Wolverine

There’s certainly a lot of grinding to do if you want everything, and with under a month left in the season, the clock is ticking.

These Won’t Be Unlockable in Season 5

Part of what makes these skins so rare is the fact that they will no longer be obtainable once the season ends.

This means if you want to earn some bragging rights, you’ll need to grind them all out this season.

It’s definitely possible, even if you start right now, but it’ll require a lot of time that you might not want to put into the game.

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