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21 Best Mosquito Repellents for Yard & Patio (Summer 2023)

Mosquitoes are definitely one of the worst parts of summer. They can turn any outdoor gathering from relaxing to unbearable while leaving you itchy and miserable the next day. In this list, we have found the best mosquito repellents for your yard and patio, so you can prevent those seasonal pests from biting you and your family and keep them out of your personal space all summer long.

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What are the Best Lanterns to Keep Mosquitos Away?

This summer, don't get caught being unprepared for mosquitoes in your yard. There are so many choices out there for keeping the pests away, including DIY options like candles, traps, or sprays, as well as all-natural remedies that work just as well as chemical counterparts. Perhaps the most esthetically pleasing option are lanterns and "bug zappers"

If you are looking for a zapper then go with a name you can trust. Black+Decker has been making every kind of appliance you can think of and they make a best selling bug zapper that looks cool and covers up to 625 square feet so it is the perfect item to use on your patio or back deck. You can hang this zapper or set it on a table, either way, the bugs won't bother you.

This KPS electric bug zapper shines a dull blue light that bugs cannot resist. It will attract mosquitoes, gnats, and other pesky bugs that will otherwise bother you and your guests throughout the night. This item will not only keep you from getting bit but it actually looks pretty cool so it will fit in nicely with your outdoor decor.

With more of a traditional look, the Flowtron bug zapper is designed to look like a lantern but is big enough and bad enough to cover a minimum of a half-acre and a max of 1.5 acres, depending on which lantern you choose. This zapper is a little louder than others but with the distance, it covers you can set it up away from where you are entertaining, and rest assured that the bugs won't bother you. 

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