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50 Best Cool Men’s Wallets: The Ultimate List

We’ve curated our favorite cool men’s wallets in a range of prices and styles so there’s something for everyone. “Cool” can mean a lot of different things from trendy and edgy to more of a chic, dashing look so we included a little bit of everything.

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Some guys are content to blend into the crowd, but not you. You're the kind of guy who wants to stand out. That desire to be different probably permeates every aspect of your life, including your wardrobe. If you've been in the market for a new wallet, you'll want a wallet that doesn't look like everybody else's.

Should You Keep Your Wallet in Your Front or Back Pocket?

Your front pocket! 

Please, for the love of all things holy, your front pocket.

Sure many wallets are shaped the same as your back pocket, but routinely keeping your wallet in your back pocket is a one-way ticket to chronic back and nerve pain. 

Is Sitting On Your Wallet Really That Bad?

Yes, but no need to listen to me. Consider the fact that there's an actual medical condition called Wallet Neuritis

A medical study included in Current Rheumatology Reviews details that Wallet Neuritis is a chronic condition of sciatica nerve pain stemming from a habit of sitting on a wallet in the back pocket. 

Don't want to listen to three medical doctors? How about Men's Journal which ran a feature in their Heath & Fitness section explaining how sitting on your wallet causes your pelvis to tilt to one side, which forces your spine to curve to compensate. 

It's basically voluntary scoliosis and all the widespread pain that can come with it. 

Put that wallet in your front pocket.

Do I Need a Wallet With RFID Protection?

This 2022 article in Loss Prevention Magazine says probably not. 

While RFID protection isn't going to hurt, your cards might not necessarily even be the type suspectable to RFID theft and the article goes on to say this type of theft, doesn't really even happen. The technique is possible, yes, but that mostly just spawned an industry in prevention for a crime that isn't actually common.

In an argument that is less comforting than it means to be, they say that RFID skimming like these wallets protect against is time-consuming when card information can be bought on the dark web. Yikes.

So if it's a bonus to a wallet you like, that's great, but think twice before you rule out a wallet that doesn't include RFID blocking.

Why Do Men's Wallets Not Have Coin Pockets?

A couple of reasons: mainly American currency and gender norms.

First off, people don't tend to carry coin money in America and it certainly doesn't have the same sort of value as coins do in other countries, so the demand for coin pockets isn't there.  The BBC ran a fun article called, Why the US Keeps Minting Coins People Hate and Won't Use if you're interested in learning more.

Secondly, there's an idea that only women's wallets should have coin pockets because wallets "should" be kept in a purse so it doesn't matter if the wallet is quite heavy, whereas men carry their wallets in their pants or shirt pockets where the weight of coins makes a big difference. 

It's not 1950. This is all malarkey at this point, but this is why most wallets designed for men don't include a zippered pouch for coins.

What Makes a Wallet for Men?

The branding. That's it. Wallets are unisex. Come on, folks, it's 2022. There's no good reason why an organizer for cash and cards needs to be specific to one gender.

So can a man use a woman's wallet or, heaven forbid, a shoulder bag? Of course. Why would a man want to? Some women's wallets have way more storage like this RFID-blocking wrist wallet that can store up to 22 cards on top of IDs, pouches, and cash pockets. Plus, they come in way less boring colors. Where else are you going to find a bright purple faux crocodile wallet? Or a holographic trifold?

Carrying something in your pocket that was labeled as "for women" does not have the power to make you any less of a man if that's how you identify.

Wallets are cool but they do not have that type of sway over us.

If you're looking for more information on this, our post on Nonbinary Gifts has a great section on gender at the bottom.

Are There Men's Wallets That Can Be Engraved?

Absolutely. There are dozens of options for customized wallets from monograms to personal messages to full detailed photographs.