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50 Best Gifts For Snowboarders: The Ultimate List

Gift shopping for an expert or amatuer snowboarder? No matter their style or skill level, we’ve put together a list of the best gifts for snowboarders so you can skip the guess work and pin down the perfect present for your favorite board sport enthusiasts!

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Selecting the Perfect Snowboarding Gift

Pinning down the right gift for either an expert or novice snowboarder can be tricky, so here are a few things to take into consideration while shopping.

Does the boarder you're shopping for typically go on day trips, or do they often embark on more intensive snowboarding trips to find far-away powder? 

If the rider you have in mind drives a few minutes or hours to the mountain, then consider a gift that supports the ability to grab one's gear and go. Utility racks for cartop transport of gear, comfy clothes or footwear for the commute to the mountain and back, and equipment for hanging out or tailgating in the parking lot at the base are all solid go-to's to name a few ideas.

If the boarder you're shopping for is known to book flights in order to find the best shredding conditions, then perhaps some innovative luggage specific to snowsports, high-performance apparel, or an innovative travel gadget would make a fitting gift.

Is the snowboarding enthusiast you're shopping for more of a resort rider or backcountry aficionado? 

If the athlete you're shopping for likes to run laps on the chairlift, then maybe consider a cool new shell, pair of gloves, or helmet. Other gear such as snowboarding-specific headphones, tune-up kits, or maybe some practical and cool apparel for the base lodge could also be a great go-to.

If you're shopping for an advanced rider who gets their thrills from shredding out of bounds and intensive backcountry pursuits, then think about what kind of technical survival or safety equipment they might lack in their gear locker. Avalanche beacons and long-range radios are a must-have for backcountry endeavors, so check to see if your favorite boarder's equipment is up to par. Performance apparel of any kind and specialized backcountry backpacks could also make a great gift for more advanced riders who commit to serious lines.

Are you comfortable purchasing gear for actively riding, or are you more confident gifting something that supports their snowboarding hobby in general?

If you're struggling to pin down the right gear or apparel for the rider you have in mind, or simply don't know much about the world of snowsports and are therefore hesitant to make a purchase, then there are plenty of go-to gift ideas that are a safe bet. Consider buying some cozy layers for changing into at the end of the day for a beer at the base lodge, or perhaps some gear for making your own party in the mountain parking lot. Coolers, sound systems, and grilling setups could be a super fun gift idea if the boarder you're shopping for likes to tailgate with friends before or after a day on the mountain - so be sure to think outside the box!