51 Best Hipster Gifts: Your Ultimate List

Environmentally conscious, spiritually centered, and socially savvy, hipsters savor some of the simplicity from the past, but they’re also people who like things way before they’re cool. They’re the new movers and shakers, thinkers and trendsetters of today, so we’ve found the ultimate list of the best hipster gifts they’ll totally dig for Christmas or any other special occasion.

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What Makes You a Hipster?

While there are plenty of lighthearted warning signs that you may be a hipster, this list from RealMenRealStyle had us laughing out loud. From having the same haircut as your girlfriend, to proclaiming both you and your cat are gluten intolerant, there are a few standouts that we won't share here because you really need to read them for yourself.

Are Hipsters Still a Thing?

Let's be honest here. 2020 has changed a whole lot of stuff, and perhaps being a hipster has faded away or, more precisely, morphed into something new. According to Birchbox, this year saw the rise of the yuccie. (Yes, we meant that.)

Wondering what a "yuccie" is? Apparently, it's the new acronym for young urban creatives who relish the philosophical sensibilities of the hipster but embrace the financial priorities of yuppies. Good news, all the gifts on our list still fit. Whew!

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