Everyone is trying to get into the act of rapid weight loss, and their dirty little secret is they are all full of bull. Here’s the truth about weight loss.

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How can you tell if your new diet is science or scam? Our weight loss expert, Michael Pickert, M.D., sets the record straight.

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Starting a diet is more than just deciding to lose weight. Here are the steps to ensure success.

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No superfood is the end-all and be-all of health, but spirulina blue-green algae comes pretty close. Here’s why.

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There’s a very short list of diet pills that have received FDA approval.

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The most essential science-backed weight loss tips.

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A Duke University study looked at which diet plans and best diet pills were the best bang for your buck.

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Learn how to ditch calorie counting, fad diets, and fighting a losing battle with cravings.

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Some people claim that they’ve gained weight from using a fitness tracker. What gives?

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Why are people going to Mexico to buy this ballooning weight loss pill?

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How green tea, black tea, and herbal teas help us to lose weight.

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Delicious cleansing, metabolism boosting drinks and smoothies.

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Try this health drink backed by science.

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Easy weight loss tricks that actually work.

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Try one of these fat-busting kettlebell exercises for fat loss and conditioning.

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The Biggest Loser star Jillian Michaels will not be returning for the 16th season of the reality weight loss show, according to NBC. This is the third time Michaels has been scheduled to leave the show.

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