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19 Best Immunity Boosters to Stay Healthy

With the threat of Coronavirus growing by the day, you’re probably tempted to invest in protective face masks, but why not also plan to bolster your health from the inside out to stay even safer? These immunity boosters offer up a daily dose of wellness that can keep you going strong even when you’re confronted with viral and bacterial threats.

These immune system supplements are filled with natural herbs, plants, mushrooms, and minerals that have been scientifically proven to give your body the most significant benefits without artificial or questionable ingredients.

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What Are the Best Immunity Boosters?

Naturally, the best supplements are the ones you're willing to take every day. Even the experts at Cleveland Clinic agree that an apple a day (or in this case a supplement) may indeed keep the doctor away.

Whether you can't gag down pills, prefer chewy gummies or you just want to gut it out and take a liquid, these immunity boosters can help to keep your system strong in the face of threats like the Coronavirus. 

Be sure to read the labels to ensure you're not allergic to any of the ingredients, as many feature formulas with fruits, veggies, mushrooms, and herbs along with vitamins and minerals. 

Do Probiotics and Prebiotics Boost Immunity?

You're probably thinking that both probiotics and prebiotics are strictly for gut health. Yes and no. There's an inseparable connection between having a healthy gut biome and your overall health in general.

Probiotics are live healthy bacteria that keep bad bacteria at bay. Prebiotics are the food those helpful belly bacteria like to eat. You want and need them both says this Healthline article that will give you a breakdown of how they work in synergy and how it can dramatically affect your overall well-being.

Can Superfoods Boost My Immunity?

A lot of research has been done and even more has been written in recent years about superfoods. For a while, it seemed like superfood might turn out to be just another one of those marketing buzzwords. 

As it turns out, superfoods are real and mostly it's stuff you like (perhaps with the exception of kale.) Blueberries and acai berries make the list. So do sweet potatoes, squash, nuts, and salmon. These foods fight oxidative stress that can lead to disease according to Live Science, and you'll see that we've got quite of few immune boosters on our list that include some of these rockstars. 

Are Herbal Remedies Good Immune Support Supplements?

You might be surprised by the overwhelming scientific evidence that supports the use of many herbs to help boost your immune system. You'll need to apologize to grandma for refusing her elderberry syrup because it really works, and there's a whole Facebook community dedicated to the discussion about this age-old remedy.

You'll also see mixtures of mushrooms that are literally magic for kickstarting a healthier immune system, and you'll also find many supplements that utilize rosemary, thyme, garlic, and a host of other herbs and botanicals to keep you well.  In fact, every supplement on our list includes at least some of the things we've mentioned here and above.

To wrap it up, there's never been a better time to create a habit that will hold you in healthy stead for the rest of your life and we think these excellent immunity boosters are the perfect first step.

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