21 Best Men’s House Shoes: The Ultimate List

We are all leaving the house less and less these days and a good comfy shoe is required if you’re going to stay in your home longer. A trusty, perfect pair of house shoes are a killer investment especially if you spend all of your time on video conference calls or homeschooling. Get yourself the best house shoes that money can buy from our ultimate list of the best.

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Which House Shoes are the Most Comfortable Men's Slippers?

If comfort is your biggest concern then I definitely suggest getting a house shoe with memory foam. The memory foam will mold to fit the specs of your foot. That means every time you wear them they will break in to your foot specifically. Over time, they will fit better and better and be the most comfortable footwear that you own.

The Skechers brand is most well-known for the comfort of their shoes and house shoes. They were one of the first brands to incorporate memory foam into the insoles of their shoes and a ton of brands have followed suit. If comfort is what you are looking for then Skechers is going to be a great pick. 

Another brand that has pioneered comfort in footwear is Dr. Scholls. The brand started out by making insoles for every kind of foot on the planet and they expanded on their brand by making shoes and house shoes. These house shoes are going to make it feel like you are walking on air.

RockDove makes a house shoe that is made almost entirely out of memory foam. Where most house shoes only use memory foam in the insoles these house shoes are made entirely of memory foam with the exception of the soles which are made from synthetic rubber. These house shoes are going to hug and cradle your feet from top to bottom and you are going to want to wear them all day long. 

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