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Best Smart Christmas Lights: 11 Sets to Buy for 2021

If you want to channel your inner Clark Griswold this holiday season, smart Christmas lights are guaranteed to impress your friends and neighbors and amp up your holiday decorations in a big way.

Most feature simple setup, smartphone apps and voice control, wireless remotes, and many even synchronize to your favorite holiday tunes as well as the rest of your music. Whether you hang them on your house or string them on your tree, these lights are guaranteed to make everything look merry and bright!

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If you're asking "what makes these lights smart," we get it. There smart seems to be the word of the decade, doesn't it?

Smart devices generally connect wirelessly to other devices like your smartphone, WiFi, or Amazon Echo. But to clarify, we read this article from IOT for All and you might want to peruse it too.

Do You Want a Smart Home?

If you've been thinking about a smart home and what it will take to convert your place, there are lots of ways to start. Smart plugs can effectively make your traditional appliances and light fixtures smarter. Working in concert with an app, you can turn things on and off with your smartphone.

Want to learn more about smart plugs? This article from Alarm.com gives you a good overview.

Are There Downsides to Smart Devices?

Most of us opt to convert to smart devices to make our homes and lives safer, but according to some experts, smart devices might actually make us more vulnerable to hackers and criminals who can learn information about our habits and lives. Clickatell breaks down the pros and cons in this edifying blog post.

Which Smart Home Products Are Easy to Install and Use?

Probably one of the most popular smart home devices and the one getting most exposure at the holidays is the video doorbell. Getting widespread exposure on social media, these doorbells are catching package stealing crooks on a regular basis.

The Ring Video Doorbell is an easy to install option that is also incredibly affordable. It allows you to seen who is at the front door before you answer, and captures video of unwanted visitors.

With more expensive models, you even have the option to speak to anyone that comes to your door. With smartphone notifications, you can sternly warn off strangers that may be up to no good.

How Do Connected Devices Affect Your WiFi?

Honestly, I never thought about this issue until I was switching from one satellite TV provider to another. The technician asked how many devices were connected to our WiFi as he was hooking up our new smart TV.

Once I started counting them up - four kindles, two smart phones, two Echo Dots, two laptops, two wireless printers, and yes, count 'em, four smart televisions, he warned that all those devices would definitely slow down our high speed internet. That's a major concern for someone like me who relies on lightning fast WiFi to do my job.

What Are Our Favorite Smart Appliances?

Well, frankly, we love them all, but particularly the Shark IQ robot vacuum. It seems to top lots of peoples' Christmas lists this year. 

The Breville Mini Smart Oven has intelligent IQ that transfers heat to exactly where your food needs to be cooked, minimizing energy waste and promising perfect meals from cakes and pies to pizza.

The Amazon Echo Show is the perfect smart device for the kitchen. With a 10.1 inch screen, you can watch the news while prepping breakfast, or tap into the new Food Network app to cook with your favorite chefs.

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