Man’s Dog Gets So Hungry it Eats His Other Dog

It was eat or be eaten, and Simba did the eating. Via BBC.

A British man whose dog cannibalized his other dog will serve 18 weeks in jail for abandoning them.

Shane Potts moved out of his house and left his two Jack Russell terriers behind to starve and suffer amid their urine and feces.

By the time an inspector discovered them a month later, Simba, the male, had eaten Nala, the female, reports BBC:

“When I saw Simba at the window it was obvious he was emaciated and when I looked in, I saw what I thought was a toy he’d chewed up. It took a moment before I realised the full horror of what it actually was, the remains of Nala. It was devastating,” [the inspector] said.

And in a tragic twist:

“…there was a bag of dog biscuits on the worktop which looked as though the dogs had been trying to reach it, but it was just too high.”

As part of his sentence, Potts was banned from owning animals for 10 years. Seems too short, but it’s longer than Michael Vick’s ban.