Redditor Gets Pig Dumped on Doorstep with Creepy ‘Daughter’ Threat

Redditor Aquipy posted an image to the WTF subreddit today with the title, “So I woke up this morning to the sound of my doorbell ringing, to find this on my front porch….” The thread linked to this photo of the eerie package that was waiting for him, and its strange contents.

The Redditor went on to state, “Indeed, I just moved to this neighborhood a month ago, and haven’t really met anyone around here, so this was totally unexpected. And also, I didn’t do anything to anyone’s daughter, I’m supposing they’ve got the wrong guy, but how did they manage to know my name?”

Pretty creepy stuff. But Redditors kept it light, saying things like, “Oh I get it, they’re mad because you PORKED their daughter!” and calling the OP “Vlad the Impaledher”.

So what do you guys think? A simple misunderstanding or the beginning to a gruesome story that will later be turned into a sh**ty horror movie? A package labeled “VLAD,” a fetal pig, and a note stating “I KNOW WHAT YOU DID TO MY Daughter.” Anybody got any bright ideas? I’ll keep an eye on the thread in case there are any updates from Aquipy on his unique situation.

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