Mind-Blowing Proof You’ve Been Eating Tic Tacs Wrong Your Whole Life

Apparently, my whole life has been a lie. First, I find out I’ve been using ketchup cups wrong this entire time, now this. WTF, world? Why are you doing this to me? It’s The Truman Show all over again. WHAT IS REAL?!

You ever try to just get one Tic Tac out of the container? How many times do you get just one? That’s right, never. You’ve never got one out. You get like three if you’re lucky and pour the rest back in.

Well, the problem is not with the Tic Tac container design, it’s with you. You are a fool and you should feel bad about yourself. Watch the above video and see the right way to get out one Tic Tac.

Amazing, right? Jaw. Drop.

I’m just going to crawl into the corner and weep to myself out of my confusion coma. I finally understand John Boehner.

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