Cops Bust Man for Shooting Load of Dish Soap into Girlfriend’s Pottymouth

A Florida man has been charged with assault for cleaning his girlfriend’s mouth out with soap during a fight.

John Vincent Caruso got into a fight with his girlfriend, Stephanie Madewell. The two were yelling at each other until Caruso allegedly warned her that if she raised her voice one more time he would clean her mouth out. Steph called his bluff and yelled back. Caruso, being a man of his word, delivered on his threat. Johnny V picked up the nearest bottle of liquid soap, grabbed his wife and shot a big load o’ dish soap right into her mouth.

The couple have two kids and have been dating for the past five years. Caruso is 26 and Madewell is 20. Do the math: Caruso was 21 when the couple started dating and Madewell was 15.

John Vincent Caruso is being charged with domestic battery and remains in custody. Before getting carted off to jail he admitted to cops that his parents used to put soap in his mouth.

At least she wasn’t married to Terry Crews…

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