Psycho Smashes Car through KFC That Won’t Sell Him Chicken Bucket

Daily Mail reports that a psychotic KFC customer who drove his car through the storefront of a KFC, threatened the staff with a 20-foot iron pole and told cops he’d infect them with Hep-C spit has been arrested.

What was it that pushed this man over the edge? The staff refused to sell the man his $12 bucket of chicken.

Hugh Brown, Absolutely Crazy for Chicken

Hugh Brown, 50, completely lost his sanity when he found that he had arrived at the KFC 20 minutes after closing and was refused his sweet, sweet fried chicken. Luckily for us, CCTV caught most of the action as Brown busted into the KFC Drive-Thru in Corby, Northants, England, at 11:20 p.m. demanding his Colonel Sanders Original Recipe. Brown, grabbing a piece of debris from the crashed storefront, demanded that the KFC staff make him food and when they said that he wasn’t getting his chicken, that he wanted to fight one of the staff members outside. Before leaving the restaurant, Brown threatened saying he’d be back with more people.

After terrorizing the KFC staff, Brown went outside and drove into Officer Cummin’s car, who had arrived on scene. Brown then reversed, and rammed into the police vehicle again. Cummins decided this way above his pay grade and retreated to a nearby alley while Brown smashed into his car two more times.

Moments later, two additional police officers showed up to find Brown in his car. When Brown spotted the two additional officers he began laughing manically. Brown then began driving at them and pushed the police car backwards. Officer Hay who was one of the two additional officers in the car was terrified, said Brown looked “psychotic and deranged,” and thought that Brown was attempting to kill them.

The airbag of the police car deployed after the second collision and Officer Hay was trapped while Brown continued to slam into the police cruiser two more times. After the fourth collision Officer Hay was able to escape the vehicle, but Brown proceeded to flee on foot. When found by police on the top of a garbage roof, Brown refused to surrender and told the coppers: “I’ve got Hep C, I’ll spit on you!”

Maxine Krone, defending, said Brown was taking 13 types of medication at the time for an anxiety disorder.
She said: ‘When faced with the option of fight or flight, he had decided to fight.’

All this over a bucket of chicken.

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