Poodle Rammed by Car Gets Stuck in the Grill & Takes 11-Mile Ride

A little dog that was rammed by a car on a busy Massachusetts highway got lodged in the vehicle’s grill and took an 11-mile ride as the oblivious driver sped on.

The white female poodle dangled from the front of the Toyota sedan until another motorist pointed out the poor animal to the driver.

According to images from WTSP, the poodle survived and looks to be okay.

poodle survives car accident

The Taunton Daily Gazette reports that Animal Control Supervisor William Muggle made this statement:

The driver of the Toyota Sedan was driving at a 50 mph speed on route 44 near Segregansette Country Club on September 20th. The driver hit the brakes after not seeing any indication of a dog on the road, then continued driving onto route 44 headed to Rhode Island, believing he had not struck the dog with his vehicle. When the driver reached the stop light at East Providence he came to a halt after another driver alerted him about the dog. After the driver recognized the poodle and immediately drove to East Providence Police Department, where officers and animal control removed the dog and transported her to East Bay Animal Hospital.

Muggle said the dog, miraculously, is doing great after suffering a concussion and a minor rupture of the bladder.

If you live in the area and have any info about the dog’s owner, email the East Providence Animal Control Center at epacc@hotmail.com.

poodle struck by driver on the Massachusetts  highway
poodle hit by car stuck in grille on MA highway
poodle struck by Toyota Sedan and stuck in grille of it
poodle survives car accident after being stuck in car grille for 11 mile trip
poodle struck by car and stuck in driver's grille for 11 mile trip

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