Best Drug Smuggling Fail Ever (Photo)

When you think of border-crossing drug smuggling, you think of secret shipments loaded in trucks full of chicken-making materials (thanks Breaking Bad), but this novel idea a few geniuses gave a-go may be one of either the most brilliant maneuvers or one of the stupidest. I tend to go with the latter based on the results.

In Yuma, Arizona, a border fence made a “humpty-dumpty” out of an SUV loaded with narcotics, when the vehicle got stuck and perched on the top of the 14-foot fence. When border agents arrived, the smugglers hightailed it back over the fence and disappeared into the Mexican desert.

While the Jeep Cherokee was found to be empty, agents assumed that the smugglers probably evacuated bales of pot before making their escape. While it’s not the most common form of smuggling, for reasons that are obvious, this isn’t the first time the method was used before.

In April of 2011, police spotted and captured a truck with ramps built into it after they successfully made over to U.S soil.

It’s safe to say that drug-smugglers are going to have to devise another contraption to get our, I mean, their precious marijuana stateside. At least the perched vehicle makes a nice fence ornament.

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