Thieves Hold Panty Raids on Michigan Victoria’s Secret Store

victoria secret thieves

Talk about a panty raid!

Four women teamed up Friday to heist at least 53 bras and panties from the Battle Creek, Michigan, Victoria’s Secret Store — and they were trick about the $1,400 theft. A clerk said four women, all in their 20s, came in at about 5 p.m. and two asked for bra fittings, so she took them to the back of the store. The other two women stayed in front of the store and then all four left, setting off alarms.

But oddly enough, there might be a lot of women wearing some very sexy lingerie in Battle Creek, because the store just can’t keep its panties on the shelf.

In October 2011, thieves stole 65 bras, valued at $2,925 from three drawers. A year before, in September 2010, someone stole 600 pairs of panties, valued at $6,000, while clerks helped customers. In October 2009, 80 bras, valued at $3,200 were stolen. Then in June 2008, thieves stole 160 pairs of panties, valued at $1,300 and in January 2005, 50 pairs of panties with a value of $400 were taken.

But thieves have hit other Victoria’s Secret stores, including on Halloween, where they stole 180 bras valued at $11,000 while clerks were busy.

Company officials said they think the thefts are an occasional occurrence, not a trend, but they get attention because of the sexy items being taken. And no, if you steal the underwear, you don’t get the hot models in the photo with them.