World’s Largest Hips: Mikel Ruffinelli Has 8-foot Curves & Great Sex

A woman who is almost wider than she is tall is giving new meaning to the concept of curvy, proudly flaunting what she claims to be the world’s largest hips.

Mikel Ruffinelli, a 39-year-old mother of four from Los Angeles who stands 5-foot-4 and weighs 420 pounds, boasts a relatively svelte 40-inch waist that tops her absurdly ginormous hips — measured at a whopping 8 feet in circumference.

You’ve heard of an hour-glass figure? Well if you filled this one with sand it would be a month-glass, maybe a year-glass.

The Daily Mail reports that Mikel sleeps in a special 7-foot-wide bed and sits in reinforced chairs, but she’s anything but ashamed of her extreme figure:

In the past, I was self-conscious about my hips and tried milkshake diets, but they didn’t work. As I got older, I learned to love my body and now I’m not afraid to show it off. … I don’t want to get bigger, but I don’t want to lose my curves. I look great. I hope I inspire women to think, ‘She’s happy with her body and I can be too!’

Her loving hubby, Reggi Brooks, is loving her curves and wouldn’t want her any other way. And Mikel tells Closer their sex life is great:

My husband finds my shape sexy and we have an amazing time in bed — there’s no position we can’t do!