Jodi Arias Testifies: Travis Alexander Forced Her to Have Anal Sex

Jodi Arias, Jodi Arias Testimony

Jodi Arias testified in her own murder trial on Wednesday and told the jury that her Mormon boyfriend, Travis Alexander, forced her to have anal sex after she was baptized into the church because vaginal sex was off limits. Arias is on trial for murdering Alexander and faces the death penalty in Arizona if she is found guilty.

Arias hopes the testimony will back up her claims that she killed her former boyfriend out of self defense when he attacked her for dropping his camera. She says that Alexander abused her for months and recounts that he pushed her face-down on a bed and forced her into painful anal sex after her baptism in November 2006.

“I can’t say I wanted to, but I didn’t stop him,” Arias said in her testimony. “It was painful. Eventually I did [tell him to stop]. I probably would have just let him continue but it was too painful. I knew that’s what he had wanted. I trusted him. I just went with his agenda.”

She says her Alexander made her feel like a prostitute.

Check out the testimony here:

Arias also tried to conjure sympathy from jurors saying that she had a tough life of being abused by her parents and cheated on by past boyfriends.

Travis Alexander was found dead in his Mesa, Arizona home stabbed 27 times, his throat cut and with a bullet in the head.

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