Michael Jackson Dermatologist Faces Arrest for Keeping His Ferrari

arnold klein wanted

While Doctor Conrad Murray serves out his sentence for causing Michael Jackson’s death, dermatologist to the stars and a doctor friend of MJ’s, Dr. Arnold Klein, has a warrant out for his arrest, TMZ reports.

michael jackson

Evidence for the crimes committed by MJ’s dermatologist, anyone?

Klein was slammed in the media after reports of him injecting Jackson with massive amounts of Demerol and using aliases to prescribe Jackson drugs.

He has since filed for bankruptcy, citing a debt of $12 million, but he has failed to turn over his rather large collection of expensive artwork and his Ferrari to the bankruptcy trustee. A judge ordered that Klein be arrested and sent to federal jail until he turns in his stuff.

Klein, ever eloquent, told TMZ: “It’s bullsh*t, it’s fraud. Have them come arrest me.”

Dr. Klein also recently made headlines recently for a cryptic Facebook post in which he claims that he may be Prince Michael’s, MJ’s son, biological father. Here is the photo he posted that shows their resemblance:

dr arnold klein prince michael