San Diego Cops in Standoff with Wrong Guy in Christopher Dorner Manhunt

Christopher Jordan Dorner in a motel, Point Loma, San Diego, Point Loma Submarine, Christopher Dorner.

NBC4 reported that San Diego Police acted upon a “solid lead” that Christopher Dorner Jordan was held up in a motel in Point Loma, about six miles south of downtown San Diego, and ended up cornering an innocent man.

Dorner, the scorned ex-cop who has gone on an alleged killing spree, was thought to be taking refuge in a motel in Point Loma, San Diego, close to a naval submarine base. This has since proven not to be the case. San Diego police are remaining in the area questioning people around the area of the motel and Spanish Landing park.

The naval base in the area is believed to still be in lockdown until it is confirmed that Dorner is not in the area.

The “suspect” in the motel was just in the area on business. The man, who vaguely matches the description of Dorner, said he was “bombarded” and “put his hands in the air quickly.”

Here’s the man mistaken for Dorner:

San Diego Police, Christopher Jordan Dorner Motel Point Loma,

Here’s a picture of Dorner:

chris dorner standoff san diego wrong guy