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    Robert John Bardo is serving a life sentence today in the murder of actress Rebecca Schaeffer. He was 19 years old and an obsessed fan of the actress when he fatally shot her at her doorstep.

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    The character of Mr. Spock is a fixture in popular culture. But the story of how the character came to be can be confusing and lead down many different paths.

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    Ketchy the Great, known best as a member of the Stinc Team alongside Drakeo the Ruler in Los Angeles' underground rap scene, has died as the result of a car accident.

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    Elisa Lam was a young woman who died mysteriously at the Cecil Hotel in 2013. Her tragic death became fodder for conspiracy theories and Internet sleuths after police released footage of her behaving strangely in an elevator in hopes of piecing together what happened to Lam.

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    Singer Bobby Brown's son, Bobby Brown Jr., has died at the age of 28.