VIDEO: Chris Dorner Bought Scuba Gear Before Murders

Chris Dorner, Christopher Dorner, Ex-LAPD cop

Christopher Dorner, the ex-LAPD cop wanted for the murder of a police officer and the alleged killer of two other civilians, is seen buying scuba equipment at a Southern California sporting goods store just two days before his first murders on a surveillance camera and TMZ has the footage. Check it out:

In the footage, Dorner is seen carrying two small oxygen tanks into the scuba section of Sports Chalet in Torrance, California on February 1. Dorner leaves the section with an additional large, black tank and has what looks like a friendly chat with the cashier before he leaves. Sources told TMZ that the former cop was refilling the tanks.

The bodies of Dorner’s first two victims, Monica Quan and her fiance, were found two days later on February 3.

Law enforcement officials have confirmed that the man in the video is in fact Dorner. The footage is significant because it shows what he was up to before the murders. Police are still searching for the disgruntled former cop who could face the death penalty if he is caught.

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