The 20 Weirdest Stories of 2013 (So Far)

fried hamster community service freak cruelty

10. Drunken Student Faces Community Service For Frying Hamster

Phil Brown, the prosecutor for White’s case, reported the story of what happened. On February 2 of this year, cops were called to a block of flats in the U.K.. Upon arriving, they came upon a drunken James White and got a whiff of a pungent odor. White proceeded to tell the officers: What, I f****** fried it? I fried it.

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sothebys bowl expensive antique roadshow ridiculous sale

9. Bowl Bought for $3 at Yard Sale Sells for $2.2 Million at Sotheby’s

The purchaser, London dealer Giuseppe Eskenazi, was likely thrilled with the buy, since there’s only one other bowl like it in known existence, and it’s locked away in the British Museum.

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utah couple razor blades

8. Utah Couple Arrested for Putting Razor Blades in Doughnuts

Police Sgt. Chad Carpenter said that Condor later admitted that the couple purposely planted the razor blade pieces in the doughnuts so they could make money off of a settlement from the store. Condor even allowed one of his co-workers at a dollar store to bite into one of the doughnuts. The couple was arrested for filing a false police report as well as for aggravated assault.

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penisless man arm

7. Penis-Less Man to Get One Made from Arm

Doctors will take a large skin graft from his arm, roll it up “like a Swiss roll,” and attach it to his pubic bone. A pump-powered implant will be necessary to fully complete the process. This will give him all of the functionality of a normal penis, including the ability to ejaculate.

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Man in Wheelchair Punches Pregnant Woman in Face

6. Man in Wheelchair Punches Pregnant Woman in Face

The 7-months pregnant woman was in an elevator at the station with another woman, and both were pushing strollers. Before the door could close, a man in an electric wheelchair forced his way in, running over the pregnant woman’s feet. After, she confronted him and an argument ensued, she told him she was going to call the police. At that point the man began physically assaulting her, punching her repeatedly in the face, head and stomach.

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eight year old 61 marries grandpa

5. 8-Year-Old Boy Marries 61-Year-Old Woman to Please Dead Grandpa

If we hadn’t done what my son had asked then something bad would have happened in the family. I didn’t have a problem with it because I know it’s what the ancestors wanted and it would make them happy. Sanele was fine and he was happy about the ceremony and it was what he wanted. He was happy to get married and very excited.

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Teacher Filmed Girls Showering in Bathroom for 10 YEARS

4. Teacher Filmed Girls Showering in Bathroom for 10 YEARS

In total he was charged with 21 counts of various offenses against 11 different women, eight of them schoolgirls. The teacher, Russell Singleton, had developed what the judge called a “sophisticated” operation, involving a fake wall in the men’s toilets behind which there was a video camera and regular camera in front of a one-way mirror. The camera was pointed so that Singleton could record female students and teachers showering.

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African Hooker ‘Dies’ During Sex, Springs Back to Life in Coffin

3. African Hooker ‘Dies’ During Sex, Springs Back to Life in Coffin

a prostitute was found dead in a room in Manor Hotel in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. She reportedly died after collapsing during sex with a customer. Police proceeded to put her presumably dead body in a coffin, but they got the surprise of their lives when the hooker came back to life. The hooker, who has been identified as “MaNdlo,” reportedly freaked out the crowd that gathered around her body in the hotel. She began screaming the words, “You want to kill me,” since she reportedly felt that the police were trying to kill her. The hooker’s customer fled the scene as this madness occurred.

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Indiana Teen Stabs Dad After Being Told to Pull Up His Pants

2. Indiana Teen Stabs Dad After Being Told to Pull Up His Pants

The Daily Mail noted that after Cody heard this, he ignored the request. Then he walked into his kitchen, retrieved a knife, and stabbed his father in the left side of his chest. When the authorities arrived at the scene, they found the victim sitting in a pool of blood on the living room floor.

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2-Year-Old Eats Used Condom at McDonald’s, Lawsuit Claims

1. 2-Year-Old Eats Used Condom at McDonald’s, Lawsuit Claims

The incident occurred in February 2012 when her son Jacquel picked up the used condom, ate it, and later coughed a part of it up. Anishi is filing the suit on behalf of Jacquel, and her other son, Jonathan, 3, who was playing in the area at the same time. Jacquel received medical treatment after the ordeal. The suit accuses the fast-food chain of not being sanitary and failing to properly maintain the area where children are playing, in addition to negligence with regard to “deviant activities” that were clearly going on in the restaurant.

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