Brian Scott Hord: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Gastonia, Murder

(John Clark)

Brian Scott Hord of Gastonia, North Carlina has been charged with the first-degree murder of his roommate after beating him with a hammer and dismembering his body with a hacksaw.

Here’s what you need to know about the grisly murder…

1. Brian Scott Hord Allegedly Killed His Roommate and Dismembered Him With a Hacksaw

Police charged 33-year-old Brian Scott Hord for allegedly killing his roommate, 68-year-old Richard Lee Gentry, and dismembered his body with a hacksaw, reports the Charlotte Observer. When police went to the residence to investigate, Hord let them in, but at first said that his roommate wasn’t there. According to Sgt. Steve Duncan, they then found Gentry’s dismembered body in the bedroom, concealed in plastic tubs and wrapped with plastic. There were no signs of a struggle.

2. Hord’s Estranged Wife Reported the Homicide to Police

Hord’s estranged wife, Elizabeth Park, called police about the incident around 10:25 p.m. Tuesday, telling him Hord called her and told her he had just killed someone.

“He said he hit him over the head with a hammer several times,” Park told the 911 dispatcher. “He’s actually mentioned it before about doing it and he said he’s just not gotten up the courage to do it.”

3. An Autopsy Was to be Performed Wednesday

Gentry, who had been confined to a wheelchair and had only one leg, appeared to have suffered from trauma to the head. An official autopsy was to be performed Wednesday.

4. The Two Men Got Into Some Type of Disagreement

According to Duncan, the homicide took place after the two roommates got into some type of disagreement. Duncan said Hord and Gentry had known each other for several years but that Hord had moved into Gentry’s apartment only about two or three months ago.

5. He Could Face the Death Penalty

Hord made his first court appearance on Wednesday on a first-degree murder charge. Prosecutors indicated that they may seek the death penalty.