9 Vines Take You Inside the Lives of Alleged Teen Killers

James Edward, 15, is the youngest of the three teens implicated in the murder of 22-year-old college baseball player Christopher Lane. He, along with Chancey Luna, 16, is being charged with first degree murder. The eldest of the three suspects, Michael Jones, 17, is being charged with being an accessory to murder for allegedly driving the vehicle during the murder.

Here are some of James Edward’s Vines. They prominently feature gang signs, references to being a “Crip,” wads of cash, and even a large rifle. Also in many of the videos is Chancey Luna, fellow murder suspect and the one who was reportedly holding the gun during the killing.

Here is a Vine of James Edwards playing with wads of $100 bills.

Here is a Vine of someone rolling what appears to be a join as friends make hand signs.

Here is James Edward playing with a large scoped rifle.

Here is a Vine of people on the street talking about “using pistols.”

Here is a Vine of gang hand symbols. The title of it is, “90 HOODSTA CRIP CUH!”

Here is a Vine with Chancey Luna.

Here is another Vine with Chancey Luna.

Another Vine of hand signs as the teens play Call of Duty.