Zimmerman Search Warrant: 3 Handguns, a Shotgun & AR-15 at Girlfriend’s House [DOC]

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Zimmerman, seen here in his recent mugshot, possessed a KelTec shotgun similar to the one pictured among the guns found at his girlfriend’s home.

A newly released search warrant details the arsenal of weapons kept by George Zimmerman at his girlfriend’s house, where cops arrested him on November 18 after responding to a domestic disturbance.

Here’s the inventory:

-Interarms .380 handgun
-Taurus 9mm handgun
-Glock 19 handgun
-KelTec 12-gauge shotgun
-AR-15 Rifle

Plus about 100 rounds of various ammunition.

george zimmerman search warrant 5 guns

Zimmerman, the acquitted killer of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, is charged with aggravated assault, battery and criminal mischief in the domestic incident.

The warrant also highlights the differing accounts told to police by Martin and his girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe:

george zimmerman arrest warrant

Both Scheibe and Zimmerman called 911, separately.

Here’s Scheibe’s 911 call:

George Zimmerman Girlfriend's 911 Call 11-18-2013911 call by girlfriend of George Zimmerman on November 18, 2013. Related blog post, is.gd/RwVDiH2013-11-18T23:48:54.000Z

Here’s Zimmerman’s:

George Zimmerman 911 Call | TMZRead the full story here: tmz.com/2013/11/18/george-zimmerman-arrested-domestic-violence/ The GF called 911 in the middle of their argument — shouting at dispatch while yelling at Zimmerman. Once police arrived, Zimmerman placed his own call to 911. During his call, Zimmerman says the girlfriend is "going crazy" and is PREGNANT WITH HIS CHILD. He says he called 911…2013-11-19T00:14:19.000Z

Read the full search warrant document below.

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