George Zimmerman is auctioning the gun he used to kill 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in 2012. Zimmerman was acquitted of murder and manslaughter in Martin’s death.

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One of the most unpopular men has sounded off on Twitter about the Umpqua Community College shooting.

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George Zimmerman has sparked outrage by retweeting a photo of Trayvon Martin’s body from a fan who called him a “one man army.” See the tweet here.

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Andy Hallinan, the owner of Florida Gun Supply, has defended the Confederate flag and declared his shop a “Muslim-free zone.” Now he’s teaming up with George Zimmerman.

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George Zimmerman, the man who killed Trayvon Martin in 2012, has teamed up with the owner of the “Muslim free” Florida Gun Supply, Andy Hallinan, to sell his artwork.

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Matthew Apperson is the man who shot at George Zimmerman’s head during a road rage incident in Lake Mary, Florida, say police.

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A Florida neighborhood watch volunteer has been injured in an apparent road rage shooting.

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Another brush with the law for Zimmerman.

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Read the heartbreaking sentiments from Trayvon Martin’s mom Sybrina Fulton to Mike Brown’s family.

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Commemorating the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin by looking back at the movement his death created.

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She “may have misspoken” when she told cops that Trayvon Martin’s killer shoved a gun in her face.

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New details on the latest drama surrounding the acquitted killer of Trayvon Martin.

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Zimmerman can’t seem to keep himself out of the public eye.

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George Zimmerman’s mother in law, Machelle Dean is suing him for stealing furniture & a TV from the home he and his estranged wife lived during their marriage.

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In a new Today Show interview with George Zimmerman’s estranged wife, the first since allegations of domestic abuse, Shellie now doubts George’s innocence.

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Schiebe is believed to be the woman who accompanied Zimmerman during his alleged domestic dispute with his estranged wife.

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