Ricky House & Kendra Tooley: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kendra Tooley, Ricky House, Joelle Lockwood

(Posey County Sheriff Dept.)

Mother found after two months locked in a wooden cage in the mobile home residence of Ricky House and Kendra Tooley.

Joelle Lockwood, a 27 year old mother, was missing since July 2014, until she was found locked in a wooden cage after being rescued by a man invited into the mobile home of House and Tooley.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Lockwood was Held Captive by Dog-Collar & Cage

Joelle Lockwood was allegedly held hostage, Ricky House’s trailer-park home. Inside, Ricky and, his girlfriend, Kendra Tooley held Lockwood in a wooden cage without water or food, she was tied to the box with a dog collar and ordered perform chores. Lockwood’s rescuer Ron Higgs, also stated, according to docs (below), House had been raping her and planning to use Lockwood to bear his children.

2. She Went to High School With Ricky House

It has been reported that, Ricky House a former high school classmate of Lockwood’s, approached her offering a ride, but suggesting they spend time in his mobile home.

Joelle Lockwood Missing

3. She was Found & Rescued by a Friend of the Couple

Ron Higgs, the ex-husband of Tooley, was visiting the couple when Tooley stated,“I’ve got a girl back here in a cage.” Higgs told police at first he believed Lockwood had agreed to the setup. However, on his second night staying at the residence Lockwood approached him, begging for help. Higgs was able to free Lockwood, after a fight broke out between himself and House, in which Higgs head-butted a shotgun wielding House, in his statement to the police. Higgs has said, “Everybody’s calling me a hero, I’m just a pure bred American, that I believe.”

4. The Search For Lockwood Was National Story

Joelle Lockwood had been missing since July 2014 and became a national story, with a Facebook group helping to raise awareness and locate her. On September 7th, the group posted a picture announcing Lockwood had been found.

5. There Is Still One Other Evansville Female Missing

Lockwood was not the only Evansville area woman to have gone missing, on August 15th, 27 year old mother Kristy Kelley was last seen at a VFW and has not been heard from since, with her vehicle also missing. The Posey County Sheriffs Department is currently reporting there is no evidence supporting House and Tooley’s connection to Kelley.