WATCH: Peter Steer Confronted by Suspect Who Carjacks Him

A TV news cameraman on his way to cover a shooting was stopped en route and carjacked by the suspect. On November 5, Peter Steer was hailed by a man on a Harley told the 7News cameraman that he had a story for him. The man then proceeded to confess to shooting a woman close to the city of Noosa in Australia. He was the suspect in the incident that Steer was going to cover!

After his confession, Steer calls for police, it took them over 30 minutes to get there, during which time, the man, 45-year-old Jordy Brook, had a change of heart and carjacked Steer at gunpoint.

The video shows the man driving along and losing control of the car, slamming it into a gas station tank. Eventually, he surrendered. NEWS 7 reports that Jordy Brook has been charged with multiple crimes including attempted murder and robbery.