Freddie Gray Arrest: The Videos You Need to See

Freddie Gray in a coma in the hospital after his arrest in Baltimore on April 12. (Family photo)

Freddie Gray in a coma in the hospital after his arrest in Baltimore on April 12. (Family photo)

Bystanders took videos at the scene of the Freddie Gray arrest. Gray, a 25-year-old Baltimore, Maryland man died after spending seven days in a coma as a result of injuries he suffered while in the custody of city police, the Baltimore Sun reports.

Freddie Gray was arrested April 12 by four officers outside a public housing complex. Police have not yet said why Gray was arrested. Police said four bicycle officers tried to stop Gray for an unspecified reason and he ran from them. They caught him and detained him while waiting for backup.

Police said the video does not show any use of force by the officers, according to The Associated Press. Witnesses can be heard screaming at the officers, saying Gray’s legs looked broken as the officers dragged him to a transport vehicle.

According to charging documents acquired by the Guardian, police claim Gray was injured while being transported to the Western District headquarters in the van, not during the arrest, which was made without force, police claim.

Watch the videos below:

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