Candy Carson, Ben’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Dr. Ben Carson and Candy Carson at the Family Foundation Fund's A Nashville Evening at Lipscomb University with Joe Hutts and Mary Carmen Englert. (Facebook)

Dr. Ben Carson and Candy Carson at the Family Foundation Fund’s A Nashville Evening at Lipscomb University with Joe Hutts and Mary Carmen Englert. (Facebook)

Ben Carson was grilled by Democrats at his Capitol Hill confirmation hearing to serve as the nation’s new housing secretary on January 12, 2017. Amid pointed interrogation from committee members including Senator Elizabeth Warren, Carson appeared flummoxed and made some regrettable gaffes.

The former Republican presidential candidate, a retired brain surgeon, was asked if he could guarantee that “not one dollar” of Housing and Urban Development money would go to Donald Trump’s companies. “It will not be my intention to do anything to benefit any American,” he said.

Away from the spotlight, the soft-spoken Trump pick’s closet adviser is his wife, Candy. Carson has been married to Lacena “Candy” Carson (nee Rustin) for 40 years. Both devout members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the two raised 3 sons – Murray, Benjamin Jr. and Rhoeyce – and are now grandparents.

Here’s what you need to know about Candy Carson:

1. She Was Opposed to Ben Carson’s Participating in Politics Until She Became a Grandmother

Ben Carson with his with Candy, his 3 children and mother Sonya. (Pinterest)

Ben Carson with his with Candy, his 3 children and mother Sonya. (Pinterest)

To most people, the idea that Ben Carson — a celebrated neurosurgeon, professor, author, lecturer and celebrity (he has acted in the movie “Stuck on You,” playing of the acclaim he received from his work separating the Binder twins in 1987, as well as attempted cranipagus twins separations in 1997 and 2013) — would entertain a life in politics, let alone run for president, seems ridiculous. While Carson’s now-infamous speech at the 2013 National Prayer breakfast — in which he condemned the president’s policies less than 10 feet from the president himself — and his subsequent tenure as a Fox News commentator made him a darling of the Tea Party, it seemed like a leap for the retired physician to re-form himself as a politician.

“I have a surgical personality, which means I look very, very carefully before I leap, and I measure the temperature of the water before I put my foot in there,” Carson said to Grand Magazine in December, 2014. “Certainly I’m getting a lot of positive feedback, a lot of positive polls that show a very positive response, but I still have a few months to continue to gauge and make absolutely sure it’s the right thing to do.” Carson’s comments — such as his comparison of homosexual relationships to pedophilia and bestiality and his comparison of modern-day America to Nazi Germany — have led to his political prospects being dissected well before he announced any intentions to run.

It turned out that Candy Carson was influential in making up Ben Carson’s mind to make the leap. “Candy was pretty against any foray into the political world for me — until we had grandchildren, and now she’s thinking about how they’re not going to have any future, if we don’t start thinking about what’s going on in this country,” Ben Carson said of his wife.

“We noticed little things were happening in our country that weren’t really in sync with what the founding fathers would have envisioned,” Candy Carson told Commenting on the national debt, “Historically, every other generation has made it better for the next one, and this particular generation is making it worse for the next one.”

2. She Bears an Accomplished Resume of Her Own

According to her husband’s biography, Candy Carson has a lot to brag about herself. A triple major at Yale University — she studied music, psychology and pre-med — Carson bears a Master’s in Business Administration and is the head of the Carson Scholars Fund program, which awards $1,000 to 2nd through 11th grades students that showed exceptional academic prowess and commitment to their communities.

Carson is also a former concert violinist. She recently played publicly when she performed the National Anthem during her husband’s campaign kick-off.

3. Despite Both Being From Detroit, the Couple Met Each Other for the First Time in College

Dr. Ben Carson and Candy Carson at the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Dr. Ben Carson and Candy Carson at the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

In an article with the Baltimore Sun, Ben Carson details how he met his future wife. We were both from families without much in the way of finances and we wanted to come home for Thanksgiving,” Carson recalled. “The school would pay your way home if we would do some recruiting for them. So we went on their dime, we got a chance to go out to restaurants and do things we normally would not ever have the chance to do. We began to start having some feelings for each other.”

On explaining the moment Ben Carson fell in love with Candy, which happened during a drive back to Yale from Ann Arbor, “I fell asleep at 90 miles an hour and was awakened by the vibrations of the car as it was going off the road, heading off into a ravine. I grabbed the wheel… [a]nd it just stopped on the shoulder, just in time before an 18-wheeler barreled by. And Candy awakened and said, ‘What happened?’ and I said, ‘Nothing.'”

“I explained what happened, and we said, ‘You know what? God spared our lives because he wants us to do something.’ And that was the first time we kissed each other, and we started going together at that moment. We were basically inseparable from that point on.”

4. She Is an Integral Part of How He Manages His Anger Problem

Dr. Ben Carson at CPAC. Carson came into prominence in Republican politics after publicly attacking President Obama's policies. (Flickr)

Dr. Ben Carson at CPAC. Carson came into prominence in Republican politics after publicly attacking President Obama’s policies. (Flickr)

Ben Carson’s anger is a question of some students of his history. A Daily Caller article called attention to an incident when Carson, as a teenager, almost stabbed a classmate with a camping knife after the boy mocked him. Detailed in his book, One Nation:What We Can All Do to Save America’s Future, the boy was spared by the fact that the knife broke off his buckle.

“I had real anger issues”. “I would just fly off the handle and really become quite irrational and try to hurt people with baseball bats, hammers, whatever. In this particular case, I happened to have a large camping knife. And, you know, one of my friends angered me. And I just lunged at his abdomen with the knife.”

Carson’s anger plagued him throughout his childhood. Incidents included an attempt to hit his mother with a hammer for disagreeing with his clothes’ choice and causing a major head injury to another boy over a locker. According to his Bio biography, Carson realized that he was lashing out because he was putting himself in the middle of everything and not taking the time to realize that not everything is about him or is focused at him.

Part of his coping mechanism is his faith — which he is devout to — and his family , with his wife being his focus in his later life. This helped him to realize that he can craft his future anyway he choose by putting enough effort in.

5. She Heads the Carson Scholars Fund

Recipients of the Carson Scholars Scholarship. (

Recipients of the Carson Scholars Scholarship. (

In 1994, according to the Carson Scholars Fund’s history page, the Carsons founded the fund in response to the fact that most schools tend to honor athletics above academic achievement. They saw this as a direct correlation to the nation’s ranking of 21 out of 22 countries in science and math scores at the time among Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development nations.

“Dr. and Mrs. Carson felt compelled to take action. They believed that if children could be taught early to excel, they would stay motivated and have a higher chance of educational success later in life. The Carson Scholars Fund was built on these principles.”

The fund provides students in grades 4 through 11 that demonstrates exceptional academic excellence and humanitarian qualities $1,000 to be invested toward their college education, formal recognition — in the form of a certificate and an Olympic-style medal — and an invitation to attend an awards banquet.


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Elizabeth Brulc

Mrs. Carson looks like First Lady material to me. She and Dr. Ben have given of themselves over and over to organizations, groups and our country, just like a true leader does. My vote is going to Dr. Ben because he understands what it means to be an American, whether rich, middle class or poor. He cares what our future brings. We have a lot of areas in America that need to be fixed and we need a doctor to fix them!


Liz (if I may call you that,) I am completely on board with you. Notice how he has not made this be about anything other than AMERICAN NEEDS. He is the man, the only man for the job! President Carson 2016!


If that is your criteria to become President of the United States (heaven help us all), Trump might be more voicetrous, but he gives & does way more for the people than Ben Carson. Myself I’ve had enough of racism/riots/protests etc. which Al Sharpton promotes & Ben did a convention with him recently & said “we both want a lot of the same things” (that scares me) – too chummy. Plus he wants to get rid of the VA. We need the VA, it just needs fixing. I think when dealing with foreign dignitaries that you need a strong/tough personally & I think Ben might cave in – he’s never had to negotiate big things before like the other candidates have. I just worry that a lot of people that voted for Obama JUST BECAUSE HE IS BLACK & FOR NO OTHER REASON (& now regret it because hes’ made things even worse for them) might do the same thing here. I don’t see him doing anything about our borders either – his thought is that we should welcome them “after all they are just trying to make a better life for their family”. Well I am worried about the life my family is going to have too with so many of them taking our jobs & benefits (& if they don’t want to work, they drain our welfare system that they never paid into). Our country is too unstable because of Obama right now to be taking on more people (good or bad) to weaken our economy even more and taking our benefits (health insurance & Social Security) that we worked hard for and they did nothing to earn. We should be helping our own homeless and Vets/Wounded Warriors that did work & fought hard for before giving it to someone that has done nothing to deserve them. I’d be looking at other candidates – I wouldn’t want to base my choice on someone that simply sets up a scholarship for education; there are much more major issues that they have to be able to handle/control like ISIS, Iran, jobs, illegal immigrants, our health care system, better education, the corruption in our government, the economy, Islam (that wants to kill all Christians & anybody that does not believe in them raping women & children & treating anyone/anything that is not a man as less than human) and the black movement (that want to kill all whites – that’s stupid, WE ARE ALL HUMAN) and much much more. I don’t see that in Ben Carson sorry. I liked him a lot in the beginning because he was not a politician all his life (& that’s what we need) but then he opened his mouth & just keeps sticking his foot in it (about VA/illegals/Al Sharpton etc).


And a lot of people didnt vote for obama because he is black….Bush ripped this county apart. Obama will go down as the very best president ever, dont take it from me please google it snd compare it to the last president, as a matter of fact compare his record againt ALL the presidents . If you dont like him for all the wrong reason then you too will agree. Please look it up ok,,? ,Thank you , Thank you very much.


Amen anonymous! Best President ever. Ben Carson or The Donald for President? Lord help us all is all I have to say.




Are you kidding?!?! He is the worst president we have ever had. You are off your rocker!!! I think he’s doing everything he possibly can undermine United States of America


I TOTALlY AGREE.. History will prove it. Despite all the vicious attacks he worked so hard and accomplished so much. And I love Michelle. No scandals either.. unlike the Nixon Bush and Clinton Administrations.


What you say,? Black movement want to kill all the whites,? Please I beg you to go get some help… jesus will help you with THAT kind of heart condition you have ……. Take care


So Ben Carson you liked because he was not a politician all his life and know he is and know you dont like him. Huuuummm. But I bet Donald Trump is YOUR choice despite that he wasn’t a politician and now he is. Interesting…


Amen anonymous! Best President ever. Ben Carson or The Donald for President? Lord help us all is all I have to say.

Eric delfyette

Ben Carson is no Obama .Black people will not get behind him or no other Herman Cain the Replicans roll out I’m a black man and there’s not a chance he gets 5 percent of black vote


I’m sorry, but exactly what jobs are illegal aliens taking? Last I looked they were fish cleaners, strawberry pickers and bus boys.


He is the only candidate, to me, that appears to want to reintroduce God to America. If the majority has its way, they will finish kicking God and all of His principles out of America. At that point, ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE and we literally ain’t seen nothin’ yet!!
We are a nation of very pampered people. And we have been blessed because we are/were a Christian nation. If the blessings end life will never be the same.
Mr. Carson is a thinker and has a moral standard which for a change would be good. We might not wish to judge him on his color and pay heed to what he is standing for. It is refreshing to listen to one who actually thinks before they speak. That he cares about all of America is like a breath of fresh air. I applaud him in his endeavors and pray that we, the general public, will really pray about who to cast our votes for before election day arrives.


I did not vote for Obama, but I will vote for Carson–and neither decision has to do with skin color. Carson THINKS before he speaks, and researches problems before blurting his guts out. Which is just one of the many reasons why he would be a great President. No drama king here. If people are so sick of lying politicians, why are they so shallow not to pick the guy who doesn’t have a political bone in his body, just SENSE?!!!!!


Really? If they made fun of FLOTUS they are going to make fun of her. Ben Carson is an idiotttttttttt period and I’m not Democrat or Republican!


Would be interesting to check your level of intelligence if you are so bright you can “attempt” to make us believe that Ben C. is an idiot!!


I guess I don’t fall in with “most people”, because I see his varied life and work experiences, along with his integrity and intelligence, to be immensely qualifying for the leadership of this country. We need someone who understands the needs of the most impoverished, along with the opportunities for success that still remain in this country to those who will make right choices. He seems to realize the need to help those who are living in poverty and bad environments without making them so dependent on the government that they can’t move up and out. I also am impressed with his desire to unite rather than divide us. He has experience bringing the best individuals together to tackle difficult situations, rather than trying to handle it by himself. We need that type of leadership to get this country back on track. I would recommend that people take the time to go to his website and see what he actually believes, rather than accepting the few isolated and butchered quotes that are being continually repeated by those who oppose him.


Sounds to me that “MRS” Carson is the one that headed all the scholarship stuff. I’d be worried about his hot temper.


What you should be worried about is how we will get out of the serious and huge mess the current Administration has put America in…


I think his anger issues were when is was young. Ive heard him talked about a pivotal moment and he has been able to control his issues with that emotions for many, many years.


He has no experience outside of surgery and like Bill O’Reilly isn’t honest. No Thanks


Ben Carson Loves God, God Loves Ben Carson, God in Ben Carson can lead these great United States. One nation under ___, in ____ we trust.


Terry, I applaud your assessment of Dr. Ben Carson, which seems quite accurate. It disturbs me that people are taking some of his Childhood anger, and making it seem as though he is still struggling with those things in Adulthood! What a travesty!!! How would they feel if someone from their past, mentions something that might have been volatile they had done as a child, and tried to extrapolate that into their adulthood? All of us would be in great trouble and maybe danger. It would not. and cannot deter me from voting for Dr. Ben Carson. I Am Still going to Vote for him, and I encourage other to do the same!!!

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