Davenport & Bettendorf, Iowa, Shootings: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Police have responded to reports of shootings at two separate locations in Iowa, according to WQAD-TV.

The first scene is on East Kimberly Road in Davenport, near a law office and military recruiting center. The second scene is near the Miller-Meier Limb and Brace offices on Utica Ridge Road in Bettendorf.

The suspected gunman shot himself on Utica Ridge Road after the incident in Davenport, police told the Quad City Times.

The two scenes are about 3 miles (eight minutes by car) away from one another.

The situation is still unfolding and little information has been made available.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. Dozens of Emergency Vehicles Responded to the Iowa Offices

Reporters at the scene tweeted that there were dozens of emergency responders, including police, firefighters and medics, at 710 East Kimberly Road.

Police raced through Davenport to the scene:

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The office building includes an Armed Services Recruiting Center and the Law Offices of Joel Walker.

2. Witnesses Say They Heard Gunshots From the Law Office

According to KWQC-TV, a witness said he heard shots fired at the law office next to the recruiting center.

He told the news station he heard screaming and then heard the gunman try to reload his gun. A Marine recruiter told the witness and others to run, and he said he heard more gunfire as he did.

3. Police Say No One Was Injured at the Davenport Crime Scene

According to QCOnline.com reporter Rachel Warmke, Davenport Police said officers responded to a report of shots fired at the East Kimberly Road location at 1:56 p.m. local time.

Officers arrived to find evidence that shots had been fired, but no one was injured.

Captain Jim Stenger, a public affairs officer at the Marines Corps Recruiting Center, said in a statement, “We are closely monitoring the developing situation in Davenport, Iowa. We will provide further details as they are confirmed; however, current reports are that it appears to have been a shooting in a civilian/commercial facility next to the Marine Corps recruiting office. All Marine Corps Recruiting Command personnel have been accounted for and are unharmed.”

4. Both Crime Scenes Are Secure

Davenport Police said both scenes are secure and there is no continuing danger to the community.

Police have not said if anyone was injured at the second scene.

5. A Medical Center Was Briefly Locked Down

According to KWQC-TV, UnityPoint Health – Trinity Bettendorf went into a brief lockdown that was later lifted.

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