Tiffany Robinson: Powerball Winner’s Daughter

Tiffany Robinson

Tiffany Robinson appeared with her parents when they announced their Powerball win. (Facebook)

Tiffany Robinson appeared on national TV with her parents when John and Lisa Robinson first announced their big win on the Today show. They later verified that win by turning in their winning ticket and posing for a photoshoot with a big check. The Robinsons bought four Powerball tickets, one to represent each member of their family: John and Lisa, their daughter Tiffany, and son Adam, ABC News reported.

Here’s what we know about Tiffany.

Tiffany Lives Near Her Parents And Recently Graduated From College

Lisa Robinson John and Daughter

This photo from Facebook shows Tiffany with her parents. (Facebook)

Their daughter, Tiffany, lives nearby and recently graduated from college at Murray State, and their son, Adam, is an electrician, ABC News reported. Although Tiffany has been front and center with the press, Adam has so far stayed far out of the spotlight.

Tiffany and her parents are very close. John said he tried to surprise his daughter by getting her to come over to bring him medicine, saying he was sick. He was going to tell her about the win when she came over. She sent someone else to run the errand because she was so busy that day, so he called and shared the happy news.

She’s Hoping Her Parents Will Buy Her a Horse

Tiffany has said that she really hopes her parents will buy her a horse with just a small portion of their win, The Daily Mail reported. From her Facebook page, she appears to have a significant other, and many photos feature them together along with a young boy.

Tiffany has been right by her parents’ side since the announcement. She was with them at the Tennessee Education Lottery headquarters when they claimed their winning ticket.

The Robinsons Plan to Pay Off Her Student Loans

tiffany robinson

Tiffany Robinson is one blessed woman, with her parents planning to pay offer her student loans. (Facebook)

When asked what they would do with the money, one of the first things that John and Lisa said was they would pay off their daughter Tiffany’s student loans. They also want to splurge a little on family members, but their main goal is to invest the money so their son and daughter won’t have to worry about finances, The Commercial Appeal reported. The Robinsons also said they want to pay off the mortgage on their small house, ABC News reported, but they also plan to get right back to work on Monday. They said:

That’s what we’ve done all our lives. We want to enjoy a little bit of it but we want to invest it so our son and daughter will be okay…”

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